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Grass Fed & Grass Finished

NO GRAIN!! Born and raised on pasture. 100% of the diet of our grassfed animals consists of freshly grazed pasture and stored grasses

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No Hormones or Steroids

Hormones or steroids never administered to animals ever.

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GMO Free

Animals raised without feeding genetically modified organisms

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Pasture Raised

As the seasons allow animals are raised in the open pasture or field.

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Supplemented with Non GMO Feeds

Animals provided with free-choice non-GMO whole grains such as oats, barley, corn or soybeans.

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No Antibiotics

The animals we sell to you have never received antibiotics.

In severe cases, an animal will require antibiotics. In these cases, antibiotics will be administered after being prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. These animals, however, will never end up on your dinner plate!

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Chemical Free

Raised without the use of any chemicals.
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