Our Animals

We spend time every day petting and playing with our livestock.

Our chickens get all the pasture they want, while being fed chicken scratch for supplement until all the bugs, worms and grasses become activated by warm weather. Once the warm weather arrives, they forage solely on green grasses.  Shelter is provided at night to protect them from predators.  But, during the day it is green pastures and sunshine all day long.

Our pigs graze our pastures containing enough forage for one week and then they are moved to the next one.  One of the neatest things to see, and sadly something you don’t often, is a pig grazing!  It is quite amazing how happy they are when they are doing what God intended them to do.  They are supplemented with a high protein diet until the pastures have time to grow and fully nourish our pigs.

Our kids enjoy the animals so much.  It is very fun to see how they interact with the animals.  Check out our photo page.

Come see us anytime; we will show you how we do it!

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