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We offer pastured pork and pastured poultry.  There are 2 ways to place your order: please choose your preferred method:

1) Call us at 970-630-3316.

2) Follow the link to the online order form.  We will then call you to arrange the deposit over the phone OR we can send you a request for payment via Square. Order is not final until we receive your deposit.

Pastured Poultry $20 per whole chicken (processing included, Deposit Required: $50
We are taking orders now to be ready Spring/Summer 2018.  

Cut Detail – A 4-5 pound whole chicken with neck included for use in stock.

You are buying a live chicken and paying us to have it processed.  Each chicken is frozen, packaged, and ready for your freezer. The neck is included so be sure to save the bones to make nutritious and delicious bone broth.

Pasture Raised Pork – $4.00/lb – whole or half (Deposit Required: $200 Whole/ $100 Half)
We taking orders now to be ready Spring/Summer 2018.

All of our pigs are raised on pasture from the time they are weaned, where they spend all day rooting, digging and running free while also eating and grazing of course.  They forage on pasture consisting of native grasses mixed with oats, barley, clover, turnips, radishes, and collards.

We charge $4.00 a pound based on the carcass weight, plus the butcher costs. Our hogs typically have a carcass weight of 180 pounds, 90 pounds for a half.  This price does not include the butcher costs. The butcher cost for a whole hog is around $150 to $200, and half of that for a half hog depending on cutting preferences.

There are many variations for processing. Cuts include pork chops, tenderloin, spare ribs, bacon (fresh and cured, flavored) roasts, hams (fresh or cured), canadian bacon, steaks, sausage patties, breakfast sausage and bratwurst.  Please feel free to contact us with more questions.  You will work directly with the processor for all your specific needs.

Be sure to make sure you have enough freezer space. A whole hog is a lot of meat.  

You are buying a live animal, which includes delivery to the butcher in Hudson, CO.  Once the meat is packaged, you can pick it up at the butcher or we can deliver it to your home for a small fee.  You must arrange payment with the butcher upon pickup or delivery.

We require a $100 deposit per half hog or $200 per whole hog.  Please get your orders in soon as supply may be limited.  Your final invoice will be emailed to you once the pig goes to butcher and is weighed.


Our amazing hens have been busy, it’s egg time! Our hens roam free all day eating greens and put to bed each night in their coop to keep them safe. They have a high forage diet free of antibiotics, synthetic chemicals, and hormones.

Eggs are available locally.  Please contact us for other possibilities. 

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